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Hair Extensions Austin Tx

If you are trying to find where to buy hair extensions in Austin Texas, we can help you! At Hair Extensions Austin, we help you find the best hair extensions in Austin. Whether your hair is too thin, too flat, too short, or just boring, we are here to help transform your look with our human hair extensions.

We know that looking good will never go out of style, and we are dedicated to help you find out which hair extensions are best for you and your lifestyle. So if you are looking to make a change, you have come to the right place!

Some of our services include:

  1. Clip-in extensions
  2. Tape-in extensions
  3. Sew in extensions
  4. Hand tied extensions
Austin hair extensions

About Hair Extensions Austin

When looking for Austin hair extensions, you will find a lot of options, but it is about finding the best hair extensions and finding a hair extension salon in Austin that can provide you with a memorable and uniquely great experience!

We know that everyone has a different hair type, hair texture, and overall lifestyle. After all, everyone has a different reason for wanting hair extensions, so we offer a variety of different extensions and applications. This allows us to be able to cater to a larger number of people in the Austin area.

Our different methods and options allow us to help you find a customized look that suits you! Your hair is one of a kind, just like you, and at Hair Extensions Austin, we believe that your Austin hair extensions should reflect that as well!

We have been helping our clients, old and new, find hair extensions in Austin TX for a long time, and we plan to continue doing that for a long time to come. This means we are constantly growing and changing to keep up with an industry and trends that are ever-changing.

Why choose Hair Extensions Austin?

Okay, we totally get that there are a lot of options for hair extensions in Austin TX, so why choose us? While we know that it is important to help you look great, we think that it is even more important to help you feel great!

Getting your hair done is about the overall experience, and in our hair extensions salon, we strive to create an environment that is fun, energetic, and professional. Our hair stylists are excited and have a real passion for doing hair that they want to pass on and share with you!

Our mission is to educate our clients, and answer any questions they might have, such as hair extensions cost, different options available to them, maintenance, and so much more. It might seem overwhelming, but that is exactly why we are here to help you! We have studied hair for years so that you can sit back, relax, and let us work our magic!

We have helped so many people get the hair they want. It doesn’t have to be impossible anymore! Call our hair extensions salon near you today

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What the expect from Hair Extensions Austin

Austin hair extensions

At Hair Extensions Austin, we hold ourselves to the highest standard by providing all of our clients with quality, real hair extensions, along with developing meaningful relationships with everyone that walks through our door.

In order to maintain and prolong the life of your hair extensions, as well as the health of your hair, regular trips to the salon are important. Hair extensions should be moved up every several weeks, which is why we want all of our clients to feel comfortable about coming back to us to help keep looking great time and time again.

Before the service actually begins, we need to sit down with you and have a consultation. In order to help you find the best hair extensions near you that match and look natural and beautiful, we need to take a look at your hair and find out a little more about it.

We might ask you about your hair history, your hair care routine, and maybe some other questions that might seem nosy, but we are just trying to be thorough! This way we can make the best recommendations for your hair and help you find the best hair extensions for you.

Services offered at Hair Extensions Austin

Our different services allow us to make more recommendations that might be better suited for you. We want to be able to help everyone, including you, so let us know what you are interested in, and what you think might be a good option for you!

Hand Tied Hair Extensions Austin

Hand tied extensions are becoming super popular, and it’s because they look so great! These can also take several hours in the salon, but they last 6-8 weeks.

They also blend almost seamlessly with your natural hair, and make it easier to put your hair up than with some of the other hair extensions options out there.

Tape In Hair Extensions Austin

Tape extensions are lightweight, which makes them a great option for a lot of people, and it is a big reason that they are so popular among those who might have thin or fine hair. These should be moved up every 4-8 weeks, and your stylist can talk to you about how to take care of these and the best way to preserve the health of your hair.

Sew In Hair Extensions Austin

Sew In extensions take a little longer to apply in the salon, but they last 6-8 weeks, and are very popular. These are a great choice for many, as they can work with many different hair types and textures. But they are an especially great choice for those with hair that is thicker, more coarse, or more curly.

These are sewn into braids or cornrows at the scalp, which is why having more hair is a great thing for these to help them blend as naturally as possible with your hair.

Clip In Hair Extensions Austin

Halo hair extensions and hair extensions with clips are a great option for so many. These are not permanent, they are easy to put in and remove, and they are affordable. These are the perfect option for someone who isn’t sure what they might want, or wants to be able to keep the option of switching it up.

These can be removed whenever you want, and you don’t need to go to the salon to get them put in, but we recommend seeing a professional if you are interested in coloring or cutting your extensions.

About Austin Texas

Austin is the capital city of the great state of Texas, and has a population of almost one million people. Austin is a popular destination for lots of tourists and visitors every year, and as the “Live Music Capital of the World”, it’s not hard to see why!

Austin is home to countless music festivals and events every year, and has a bustling nightlife with great music and wonderful restaurants.

We love hearing from new clients, which is why we also service those in the surrounding cities, such as:

  1. Round Rock, TX
  2. Cedar Park, TX
  3. Leander, TX
  4. Kyle, TX
  5. Buda, TX
  6. Lakeway, TX
  7. Elgin, TX
  8. Bastrop, TX
  9. And other towns and cities nearby!

Hair Extensions Austin Reviews

We know that by now, you are probably ready to hear from someone that is not us! We are happy to hear from all of our clients, and we take every review seriously so that we can keep providing the best experience possible to all of our clients, past, present, and future. Here is what some of our clients had to say about their new hair extensions!

“Everything blends so naturally, that people can’t tell the difference! Everytime that I go in, I always leave looking and feeling amazing! I am so glad that I found this amazing place!” - Devin H.

“My stylist was so funny! I was there for a few hours, but the time flew by! We had a great time, and he was so energetic, yet so professional! The whole vibe of the salon was fun and welcoming, and I know that when I go back he’s going to help me keep looking fabulous!” - Stacy R.

“I am so in love with my hair extensions. They look so great and so natural, which is actually something I was worried about before going in. My stylist walked me through everything, so I felt much better about speaking to her face to face.” - Lindsey C.

Austin Hair Extensions Frequently Asked Questions

Can I color my extensions?

While hair extensions typically do take color, we recommend not trying to do this on your own. If you don’t know what you are doing, color, and especially bleach, can quickly go downhill, and you don’t want to ruin your extensions.

How long does my hair have to be to get extensions?

We recommend having between 6-7 inches of hair usually. It makes everything easier to blend together, as well as helping the extensions hide better.

Can I wash my extensions?

Yes, just avoid washing too frequently, using too much conditioner too close to the scalp, and make sure to dry everything thoroughly after washing.

How much are hair extensions?

We also get a lot of questions about cost, but this is something that varies so much, that it’s hard to give a blanket answer. Some extensions like clip ins can be around $200, while going into the salon can run as much as $2000. This is something that is based off a number of factors, so talk to your stylist to get a better idea of what you can expect to pay for your specific hair extensions.

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